Inspired by nature…
driven by biotechnology!

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Active Botanicals Research

Founded in 2012 by professionals with strong experience in Nutraceuticals and Nutricosmetics, ABR represents the link between biotechnological innovation and traditional production methods (cultivation) for obtaining botanical active ingredients.



​The production platform

The plant kingdom is very rich in species and varieties. Each of them is the result of the evolution of millions of years and has the characteristic of producing peculiar secondary metabolites, pharmacologically active, in response to specific environmental stimuli.


ABR extracts and purifies the active ingredients that are used in nutraceutical and nutricosmetic formulations.

NatRise, the environmentally friendly biotech, unique in the world!


Water saving

Compared to field crops, ABR uses only 1% of water, leaving more water in the water reserves for the world needs.


Soil saving

Compared to field crops, ABR uses only 0.0015% of the soil, thus being able to allocate the soil for food production.


No pesticides

The biotechnological process of ABR occurs in a sterile environment, so there are no parasites. The only living organisms present are the plant cells of our interest.


No fertilizer

Fertilizers used in the field tend to seep into the soil and sometimes contaminate the underlying soil layers. The ABR biotechnological cultivation requires only water, salt and sugar, therefore we eliminate the pollution resulting from the slow movement of the fertilizer into the porous soil.

Liters of water saved to produce 1 Kg

Sqm of land saved to produce 1 Kg

Liters of pesticides saved to produce 1 Kg



Echinacea angustifolia extract


Ajuga reptans extract


Lippia citriodora extract