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Quality and innovation are fundamental values ​​of ABR, essential elements of distinction on which the company bases its biotechnological vocation. Since its foundationin 2009, ABR has developed an industrial system that uses suspended plant cell cultures for the production of natural molecules for B2B applications in Nutraceuticals and Nutricosmetics, dedicated to formulators andfood supplements manufacturers, developed for Diagnostics and Pharmaceuticals applications.

In the nutritional field, ABR produces 100% natural ingredients in synergy with the environment and its resources. The deep knowledge of many plant species and their therapeutic properties, combined with constant and increasingly in depth scientific research, allows ABR to differentiate itself from the regular  producers of botanical ingredients for the food market  by creatinghigh added value products, limiting to the maximum  the consumption of soil and water resources and avoidingthe use of pesticides, fertilizers and contaminants in general such as heavy metals, commonly found on the botanical ingredients natural environment. In this way, no plant, whose availability is increasingly limited due to impoverishment and environmental pollution, is collected and removed from the ecosystem, indeed the production system regenerates itself  spontaneously and continuously.

Director and Managers



Eliodora dal Monte

Sale Manager

Andrea Saccani

Marketing and Stategy Manager

Gino Casarotto

Production e QA Manage

Chiara Bedin

R&D Manager

Silvia Schiavo

Development Manager