Active principles

Plant cell cultures are prepared starting from the creation of a cell callus or from that spontaneous formation that develops in nature when the original plant tissue (leaf, root, etc …) is under stress and begins, under appropriate conditions, a process of tissue repair. ABR uses only small live parts of the plant, without eradicating it, allowing the de-differentiation of the adult cells towards the condition of stem, using the same conditions and substances involved in the natural process. Once the calluses have been created and the cell lines are stable, the cells are transferred from solid to liquid medium. Screening of cell cultures is then performed under optimized conditions (by HPLC, LC-MS and NMR analysis) in order to characterize the metabolic profile of the most active and efficient colonies for the production of the active ingredients.

The final scale-up consists in transferring the selected cell cultures from solid medium to liquid medium and finally to large-volume industrial fermenters to allow the formation of the biomass from which to extract, by extraction, the molecules of interest. The latter, after rigorous analysis to check for any contamination, are titled according to the Novel Food regulatory authorizations and finally made available on the market.

Natural extracts


Echinacea angustifolia extract


Ajuga reptans extract


Lippia citriodora extract