Stem cells extract of Ajuga reptans

titrated in TEUPOLIOSIDE

Biological effects

It has been shown that Teupolioside has a wide variety of biological activities although its main feature is that of acting as an anti-inflammatory. In addition, Teupolioside is able to modulate the activities of testosterone by acting primarily on the 5 alpha-reductase enzyme, especially in juvenile acne and in the prevention of hair loss in androgenetic alopecia.

Specific in vitro and in vivo studies have shown that Teupolioside has therapeutic properties even in the following pathologies:

Ajuga reptans

Ajuga reptans belongs to the Lamiaceae family which consists of about 300 species native to Europe, Asia and Africa, subsequently imported to Oceania and North America. Ancient peoples used Ajuga for its powerful medicinal effects. Ethnopharmacological investigations revealed that folk medicine used the whole plant but the main beneficial characteristics reside in the leaves and flowers with healing properties able to effectively counteract feverish states, bleeding, biliary diseases, rapid heartbeat, ulcers and skin diseases. .

Ajuga reptans species is also particularly known for its antibacterial, antifungal, astringent, diuretic and antitumor properties. The most important active ingredient obtained from Ajuga reptans is the phenylpropanoid TEUPOLIOSIDE.

Teupolioside (also known as Lamiuside “A”) is a secondary metabolite produced by the plant for defensive purposes to protect itself above all from UV radiation. Its low quantity in nature, in the whole plant, makes it difficult to extract this active ingredient with classic industrial methods. ABR has developed a platform for the production of Teupolioside using suspended cell cultures of Ajuga reptans. Given the structural complexity of Teupolioside, the chemical synthesis of the molecule is also extremely complex and expensive and therefore the molecule is difficult to find on the market.

Salute digestiva.
Trofismo della pelle e dei tessuti correlati.
Gli antiossidanti possono proteggere dai radicali liberi e aiutano in caso di carenza di assunzione di cibi o aumento della quantità di nutrienti. Utile per proteggere la pelle dai danni ossidativi indotti dai raggi UV. Aiuta a proteggere dall’azione dei radicali liberi dovuta all’esposizione ai raggi UV o a condizioni ambientali difficili. Protezione dall’azione dei radicali liberi a causa di stress, alcool, esposizione ai raggi UV o condizioni ambientali inquinate.
Salute del fegato in base al contenuto in glicosidi iridoidi, inclusa l’arpagide.

Claim and scientific literature



Supports the digestion

Digestive health


It regulates sebum production

Trophism of skin and related tissues



Antioxidants can protect from free radicals and helps in case of foods intake deficiency or increased amount of nutrients. Useful to protect the skin from UV-induced oxidative damage. Helps protect against the free radicals action due to UV exposure or severe ambiance conditions. Protection against the free radicals action due to stress, alcoholics,UV exposure or polluted ambiance conditions.


Contributes to the detoxifying potential of the liver

Liver Health by the content in iridoid glycosides, including harpagide.

Working process

Production takes a relatively short time. In 6 weeks we are able to produce the inoculants that allow us to start the reactor with the production of cells in one cubic meter. Cell growth in this step takes three weeks. Once the cell growth phase is over, we must wash, extract, concentrate and freeze-dry the extract. These steps take an additional 10 days. At the end we have a product in powder, packaged under vacuum-sealed bags and protected from light radiation.

Identification of a plant recognized for its content of rare and effective active molecules.

Identification of a plant recognized for its content of rare and effective active molecules.

Induction of cell proliferation and induction of calluses.

After the selection of the most efficient cell population, among the calluses, the production of the active molecules is amplified in sterile and highly controlled high volume bioreactors.

Extraction of water from biomass, purification and freeze-drying of the active ingredients.

Final extract, titled in actives.

Finished and vacuum-packed ingredient for a shelf life of over 3 years.


TEUPOL 10P, TEUPOL 25P and TEUPOL 40P are the trade names used by ABR for Teupolioside titrated at 10% and 50% respectively, extracted and purified from Ajuga reptans suspension cell cultures.
TEUPOL 10P and TEUPOL 50P are Novel Food certified ingredients.