APPLIVER® : biotech for health

ABResearch srl (ABR), leader on the plant stem cell culture biotechnology, has been developing for many years its own industrial scale production platform, called NATRISE®, to extract secondary metabolites for the pharmaceutical, the nutraceutical and the nutricosmetics market.
This innovative production process has many advantages over the conventional methods based on crops harvesting. In fact, plant cell cultures ensure a high degree of quality and safety of the product, improve the duplicability and the standardization of the active ingredients.
Furthermore, this technique is totally sustainable because no more plant tissue and seeds are needed, less soil and water are used. In addition, the production is not impacted by climate changes, seasonality, or pest damages, and it is totally free from GMO, fertilizers, and pesticides. Hence this plant cell culture technique allows a better planning and a more flexible production process.

APPLIVER® is the new ABR product obtained by this innovative biotechnological process NATRISE®. APPLIVER® is a freeze-drying quince stem cells compound obtained by plant cell culture, these stem cells are specifically coming from the fruit of Cydonia oblonga that is called quince. Cydonia oblonga tree is an ancient plant species and it is the unique member of the genus Cydonia in the Rosaceae family. The quince is an apple-shaped fruit, with a delicious aroma and it is known for its exceptional health activities since ancient times. In collaboration with the research groups of Fondazione Italiana Fegato Onlus and the Department of Molecular Medicine of the University of Padua, APPLIVER® was tested in in vitro model of non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD), characterized to develop fibrosis, and in in vivo model on liver steatosis and metabolic disorder, to confirm the beneficial effect on metabolic health. Non-alcoholic steatohepatitis is the progressive form of NAFLD characterized by steatosis and inflammation. NAFLD can evolve into cirrhosis and, in some cases, to hepatocellular carcinoma.

The APPLIVER® treatment shows a significant decrease of the cytokines production as TNFα both in serum and in liver tissue, and of Collagen type 1 deposit level (fig.1). The liver fat accumulation (steatosis) was reduced as seen on the histological evaluation (fig.2). In blood analysis, a significant decrease of the total cholesterol level (fig.3) was observed. Unexpectedly, during the Oral Glucose Tolerance Test the glucose level has also been reduced (fig.4).

Our research studies confirm the beneficial effect on health of APPLIVER® in metabolic disorder as NAFLD, dyslipidemia and hyperglicemia. This makes APPLIVER® the perfect ingredient for dietary supplements and functional foods.